Hyundai Ioniq Autoexpress Review


Electric cars should have the dynamic ride and handling characteristics that make driving a pleasure. That's the IONIQ philosophy. In an industry first, you can enjoy the IONIQ philosophy with a choice of three drivetrain options, the world's first car to offer such choice. Typical of Hyundai's commitment to sustainable driving solutions.

HYBRID - DRIVING THRILL WITH LOWER EMISSIONS. The high efficiency petrol engine and 32kW electric motor work together to deliver the perfect balance of power and efficiency, using less fuel and providing lower emissions.

ELECTRIC - ZERO EMISSIONS. ZERO COMPROMISE. The 8kW electric motor's performance is powered by a super efficient 28kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery. Located low in the chassis this lowers the Ioniq's centre of gravity, essential for rewarding and responsive motoring and enabling a driving range of up to 174 miles on a single charge.

PLUG IN HYBRID - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. A powerful 8.9 kWh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery feeds the 45kW electric motor, which enables more than 31 miles of zero emission driving, perfect for the daily commute. When working with the petrol engine it delivers a considerable performance boost with a driving range in line with that of a regular combustion engine car. Whilst on the move the battery regenerates power and can also be recharged via an external power supply.

Hyundai Ioniq emissions


The frame of the IONIQ reveals its formula for both efficiency and responsive driving. It starts with a sleek design that's impressively aerodynamic. Add the low centre of gravity, a rigid, lightweight body made of advanced high strength aluminium and steel, and you have a car which delivers amazing performance and superb driving dynamics.


With an incredible drag coefficient of just 0.24 the IONIQ is one of the most aerodynamic cars available today. Sleek contours harness airflow to minimise air resistance and emissions. The perfectly balanced proportions combine with finely tuned detailing to create a stunningly attractive design. Details such as the C-shape LED daytime running lights give an unmistakable presence on the road.


Technology, innovation and design define the clutter-free dashboard. When a different drive mode is selected the IONIQ dual mode digital instrument cluster automatically changes appearance and navigation system features a high resolution 8" touchscreen. Offering seamless smartphone connectivity with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled entertainment system you'll be able to keep track of music, calls and navigation on every drive.(available on selected models. Apple Carplay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc and Android Auto is a registered trademark of Google inc.)

Huyndai Ioniq Interior
Hyundai Ioniq Autonomous emergency braking
Hyundai Ioniq Smart Cruise Control
Hyundai Ioniq Lane Keeping assist  system
Hyundai Ioniq Blind Spot Detection

In addition to the 7 airbag system and the robust strength of the IONIQ body structure, you and your passengers will be protected by a comprehensive line-up of advanced driver assist technologies. Radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors help keep you safely on the right track.

AUTONOMOUS EMERGENCY BRAKING when a potential collision with either a vehicle or a pedestrian is detected the IONIQ intervenes with partial or complete braking.

SMART CRUISE CONTROL maintains a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front.

LANE KEEPING ASSIST SYSTEM warns you of unintended departure for the traffic lane and corrects the steering if necessary.

BLIND SPOT DETECTION rear radar sensors detect the proximity of other vehicles when changing lanes or reversing out of parking spaces.

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